An Even Better Place to Work

Imagine a company...

 where employees feel staff feel valued, engaged, happy and highly motivated...

The business case for Employee Engagement has been made but many organisations are struggling to create high levels of engagement.

An Even Better Place to WorkTM (BP2W) is a practical, friendly solution that quickly creates well-led, highly engaged and productive people, developed by psychologist and author, Shay McConnon, over a ten year period

An Even Better Place to Work is the world's first on-line (but not e-learning) culture and behaviour enhancing prgramme.

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A Business Tool For Getting The Best From Your People

Improve leadership, develop teams and increase staff satisfaction - all in one on-line self-managed solution

An Even Better Place to WorkTM is an on-line, self-managed solution of measures, resources and activities that enables people to quickly improve the quality of their work lives. People have their own confidential web space to access resources, record their action goals and track progress across seven key indicators.

You will see people taking ownership for improving work satisfaction levels... running activities, inviting feedback and problem solving on needs ...initiating conversations about real work and relationship issues The question constantly asked is "What am I going to do?" not "What is management going to do?"

How it Works

An Even Better Place to Work is based on 7 key indicators that are central to issues facing organisations today.  There are measured and tracked throughout the programme.  Furthermore, people are given their own webspace to access resources, record their action goals and track progress on the seven key indicators.

You can see people taking ownership for improving their own scores, running activities, inviting feedback and initiating conversations with their colleagues about real work and relationship issues.  Engagement and Ownership are embedded through the programme coverting the question from 'What are MANAGEMENT going to do?' to 'What are WE going to do?'.

The rich data collected throughout the programme provide an accurate (and current) barometer of the health of the organisation to enable managers to manage effectively and with real focus.

 Why not watch the Introductory Video? 

Running it is simple - click here for the process

Key Features

An Even Better Place to Work is:

A totally automated programme which means no unwieldy administration - it takes just one spreadsheet to set up and maintain.

Systemised and Incremental in implementaion - it works for 4 or 40,000 and the process takes 2 minutes to learn

Sustained Change is delivered throughout the organisation with minimal management energy 

Designed for Busy People, taking less than 2 minutes to complete - see example questions here

Viral based - change is driven from the ground up 

Highly Cost Effective - prices start from as little as £14 per person on an annual licence

IIP and 100 Best Companies focussed - it helps address over 100 IIP indicators 


Our pricing system allows for totally flexibility and roll out whilst allowing you to total freedom to upscale or downsize your engagement strategy.

Prices will vary based on your organisations unique action plan, so get in touch and we'll put something together for you.

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