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Coaching is seen as an extremely important tool for development at Robin Lodge Associates, which is why we promote it with every programme we run.

The reason we passionately believe in coaching, is that it allows us to work one-to-one on issues that matter to the person being coached. This means that the learning is highly relevant and timely, two important factors when considering the effectiveness of any learning.

Interacting directly with individuals in this way, allows us to work through issues at a deep level, with the assistance of tools such as Thomas DISC and TEIQue, which enable individuals to find a way forward that is equally rewarding and satisfying, as well as being naturally part of their learning journey.

Our whole learning philosophy is based on enabling learners to make their own informed choices and that is what real coaching is about.

As a coach of many years, working with clients and employees we can honestly say that coaching has provided more ‘AHA' moments than any of the work we have carried out in the training room, primarily because we can focus on the individual in a safe and confidential arena.

At the heart of any good coaching course lay several key factors:

Chemistry: Before we begin, we carry out a number of free ‘chemistry' sessions, that allow the person being coaching to find a coach that most suits their style and need and, if possible, that produces a natural affinity.

A Coaching Contract: We have developed a coaching contract that provides clear guidance on the support, confidentiality and duty of care issues. This is agreed together with outcomes in a tripartite meeting with the coaching sponsor.

A balance of Support and Challenge: Our coaches are carefully chosen to ensure that we provide that vital balance of support and challenge, and are well practised at picking up the subtle nuances that people exude when being coached.

Regular and Timely Reviews: We carry out regular service and relevance reviews to ensure that the coaching we provide is still needed and matching your expectations.

Close Down Meetings:  At the end of every coaching assignment we will carry out a post coaching evaluation to review the learning and changes carried out and help set out a plan of action for the future.

We want your people to be the best, the same as you do, so why not invest in coaching and see the results for yourself.

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