Our Offering

We are able to provide a range of consultancy services using a range of specialists. They have all been carefully selected on thier reputation, track record and ability to deliver fast effective results.

We do not just parachute consultants in - we provide chemistry meetings to see if the mix is right - often this can be the success or failure of an appointment.

Business Development

We work with two leading consultants in the marketing and branding space.


Working with a unique blueprint tool, our consultant can help you work through your business aims to derive a complete brand that ensures all staff and activities are directly linked into enhancing the brand and your customer's experience.


Whether this is using social media or other forms of marketing, our consultant can help you develop more effective, results driven marketing.

Human Resources

Our HR consultant is uniquely positioned to deal with the rigours of small and global challenges. Whether it is dealing with a dismissal, claim or redundancy situation, our consultant will provide you with effective, pragmatic advice.

Learning and Development

As you would expect we can provide support in all aspects of the Learning and Development arena. Our leading trainers and development experts can support the following aspects of oganisational and personal learning.

Training Needs Analysis - through the use of digital technology or face-to-face involvement

Programme Design - from one day to full academies and programmes, using a range of learning technologies and social media

Train the Trainer/Coach - non-accredited and accredited through City and Guilds or the Institute of Leadership of Management

E-Learning - we have our own e-learning platform that can host a wide range of learning opportunities, and can also provide platforms based on different technologies 


Contact details

Please contact us using the following details, or via our online enquiry form.

0844 549 9007