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PPA And Recruitment; What is it really?

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It's essential at the beginning of any recruitment process to understand what "good" looks like, both within the business as a whole in terms of organisational culture and for the role being filled. This is where Thomas PPA Job Profiling comes into its own, helping you to identify the behavioural requirements of the job and matching candidates to them in a simple to understand format, so you know the best questions to ask.

The 'goodness of fit' scale will help you quickly identify the candidates who most fully fit your requirements and will help you target your interview questions to ensure the best possible decision.

The process is simple and made up of three key steps:

  • A vitual or face-to-face (prefered) meeting to identify the behavioural aspects of the proposed role. This is preferably carried out with more than one 'stakeholder' to get a well rounded view of the role. This will result in a Job Profile report. (Download Sample)
  • Completion of a PPA by the candidate, normally carried out after a first interview. It's really straightforward and only takes around 8 minutes.
  • Production of a compatibility report (Download Sample) including an interview guide with questions and written feedback for the interviewee. Arrange a feedback session with us to go over the assessment matrix, to help you make a more informed decision about your next hire.
This enables you to focus the key issue; behaviours. Functional skills should be looked at in the initial stages, at this stage you know they have the skills - but will they fit the role and within the company culture?  

The interview guide focuses on any potential areas of under-performance, so that you can focus on ensuring you get the best possbile fit for the role.

Many believe that using psychometrics is a costly and time consuming endevour, but not when designed and used properly. We work with you, every step of the way, to make sure you're getting what, and who, you need. Employing the wrong person can be a costly and time consuming process, with some research suggesting the financial cost alone is 2.5 the mis-hires' salary; use PPA with Robin Lodge Associates and get it right first time, every time, for as little as £199 per person. 
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