360° Feedback

Retain, Develop and Manage Your People

360° Feedback is an amazing tool which allows individuals to recieve practical, confidential feedback from the people that work around them, including but not limited to peers, managers and team members. Like any feedback process, the purpose is to help an individual outline their strengths and potential weaknesses, before using the information to make effective developmental choices. 

360 focuses on 3 key areas:

Retaining - individuals who feel valued and are engaged with their development are less likely to leave their organisation. 360 gets people involved and helps them better understand their role and impact upon the business.

Developing - 360 helps to pinpoint any gaps in performance, which allows for greater focus on individual development.

Managing - understanding individual strengths and weaknesses allows managers to focus their attention for both under performers and high achievers.

At Robin Lodge Associates we can appreciate that finding the right questions or a sensible structure for  360° feedback can be difficult, so we've got a tool to help you. Thomas International 360 creates an environment for constructive and honest feedback, enabling your people to understand their personal impact, identify development areas and improve their effectiveness. This assessment quickly and easily enables people to gather performance feedback from those they work with and compare it with their own perception of their performance.

The process is simple and we can help guide you along the way. Click here to get a sample report and see what it can offer.


360 is a product of Thomas International used under licence by Robin Lodge Associates Ltd. 

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