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About the organisation

So, who are we? In a nutshell, Robin Lodge Associates Ltd provides a variety of leadership and management services, ranging from training and consultancy to coaching and behavioural profiling.

We pride ourselves on providing the best level of support possible to you. We do this by listening to your needs, concerns and questions, in order to tailor our support to the real challenges you face, so that you can overcome them. As such, we are built on the pillars of being pragmatic, practical and change focused.

Robin Lodge Associates Ltd has been structured to provide efficient and cost-effective training to all our clients, regardless of size or business need. We aim to foster a small client base, but across a variety of organisations and sectors in order to have a wide net of experience to share and develop our clients. With a focus on providing the best service possible, rather than competing with larger training companies, we grow through recommendations, repeat clients and referrals.

Our goal, is to bring first class training to your business.

Our vision, is to provide first class development that meets the needs of our clients and learners.

We will achieve this by using innovative, focused development to enable people to perform at their best, working with and understanding learning technologies and theories as they become available and by only working with the most effective trainers we can find.

Robin Lodge Associates is solely owned by its namesake, Robin Lodge (Lead Trainer and Consultant), formed as a sole trader in November 2010 before becoming a limited company 2 years later.

The Team

Robin Lodge is a firm believer that any development needs to be engaging, fun and deliver quick results, which is why he started Robin Lodge Associates; a leadership and management company that takes those ideals to heart.

In today's climate where everyone is pressured to deliver improved results in less time, development has a key role in meeting this challenge. Let's face it there are only three ways to increase productivity:

  • work more intensely
  • work longer
  • work differently  

The issue with the first two is that they are finite, the only other option is to work differently - that is where development come into play.

Robin's training is pragmatic, practical and grounded allowing individuals to quickly, easily and effectively put their new skills and knowledge into practice, thus making their lives less stressful whilst improving the performance of themselves and those around them.

Why not see what our clients have to say about Robin and his programmes by checking out our testimonials, or contact us and find out how our approach can make a difference to your organisation.


Daniel Thomas joined Robin Lodge Associates in June 2015, being attracted to our focus on personal development and robust, successful relationships. Boasting a background in psychology, international politics and education, Dan brings with him a variety of experiences that have all led to his deep belief in the value of education, regardless of age, aptitude or circumstance; "we're always learning, it's impossible not to, but we should also strive to do so."

In his new role at Robin Lodge Associates, Dan has taken on many new responsibilities, such as helping to develop the website, supporting delegates through their learning journey and is also now an accredited DISC practitioner. Enthusiastic and eager to dig his teeth into new challenges, Dan brings with him a fresh perspective and a new set of skills that he believes will benefit clients and Robin Lodge Associates, whilst also granting him opportunities for personal growth.

Have any questions for Dan? Why not drop him an e-mail  

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