Fostering the behaviour, and culture, you want at work?


What sort of environment are you providing for people? It's not a question too many individuals ask of themselves, whether it's a CEO, manager or team member, but it's an important one to consider. Our behaviour is at the core of what builds our "organisational culture"; that mysterious term that encapsulates all the qualities of our workplace. Defining exactly what this is can be incredibly difficult, especially when looking for a new employ who "fits" that culture; often we just say that they feel like the right fit.

The culture of the workplace is made up of the individuals who are a part of it. Much like how personality is comprised of someone's values and beliefs, the culture of a place encompasses the collective assumptions and attitudes of a group of people - the unwritten laws of the land which govern how individuals behave and perceive work related issues. Offices with open doors foster a communicative culture, whilst displaying evidence of company heritage and history help to promote pride and brand value.


What's interesting is that every employee has an impact upon this. That's not to say that one person can change a culture by themselves, but Jim Rohn suggested that we become the average of the 5 people we most associate with; something which especially rings true of the workplace. Teams interact with other teams, individuals with other individuals, which is how the collective culture spreads, for better or worse!

That's why some of the tools we use such as Thomas PPA Profiling (DISC) are so important; bringing in the wrong individual can completely destroy the culture that you've fostered, through positive language, actions and interactions. Why take the risk when there are tools to help you identify an individual's key behaviours, down to suitability for a role?


If you'd like to chat more about behaviour and culture, please do get in touch, it'd be great to hear some of your thoughts and stories on the topic.

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