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At Robin Lodge Associates, we are committed to people and relationships. This ethos runs through every aspect of our business, as working together and building connections is integral to the success of both our delegates, and ourselves as a company. A such, we pride ourselves on our business companions, specially selected because we share a common goal, ideal and interest: seeing our clients succeed.

Below you'll find out a little about our associates, how they support us and how they could assist you. 

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Simon Powell - Linkedin

Simon is a highly engaging facilitator, coach and consultant. He is drivento see people developing and tapping into more of their potential in a powerfully authentic way.  "I want you to leave a session with me with new ideas, clarity and confidence to do something differently, keep learning and keep developing to find new ways of succeeding."

Highly adaptable, Simon has worked with clients in a wide range of sectors: Media (e.g. Sony Music Entertainment, MTV, Viasat World, Warner Bros, Guardian News and Media, Daily Mail Group), Professional Services (e.g. EY, Foster and Partners), BT, DWP, many SMEs and even the Vicars of Southwark Diocese.

His speciality areas are Management and Leadership and the suite of soft(er) skills that make people more effective in these roles (e.g. Communication, Influencing, Coaching, Presenting, Developing Teams, Performance Management). A particular favourite area is conversations to help improve performance (e.g. exceptional feedback skills, coaching conversations, handling difficult situations) - which he sees as opportunities to develop great working relationships between managers and their people.

Simon aims high in all his endeavours. He ran a highly successful martial arts club, training many individuals to black belt levels of excellence as practitioners, competitors and instructors of Ju Jitsu and Personal Safety. He looks to align the attitude, energy, effort and openness so that everyone can achieve at a higher level. 

Simonn is an Associate of the CIPD with a Diploma in Learning and Development and has coaching qualifications with the ILM and Business Coaching Foundation.    

Nigel Gracie - Linkedin

Nigel is an experienced and passionate sales leader with expertise in the use of psychometric assessments to inspire performance. He has over 11 years' experience of selling and managing sales teams and is always looking for roles where he can use his knowledge of consultative sales process, client development, account management, pipeline management and forecasting combined with the leadership & development of a sales teams. 

If you're looking for sales experience with passion and proven ability, get in touch with Nigel here

Graham Mills de Pledge, Dip Man, MILM - Linkedin

Graham is a very experienced and dynamic facilitator, who has worked with Senior and Middle Management  and Supervisors/Team Leaders at all levels and from all sectors of business on a number of open and in house programmes both in the UK, America, India and Europe, often being involved at the design stage. 

Before starting his own consultancy business, Graham held a number of Senior Management Positions in HR, Training and Development and Operational Management roles in a diversity of organisations from production to financial services, experience, which he uses to add value to his programmes.

Graham has a Diploma in Management and is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.  He is also a Member of the CIPD and is a NVQ assessor (levels D32 & D34). 

Graham has worked with Senior Board groups covering wide ranging issues from Succession Planning to Time planning, acting as Facilitator to find ways through issues of conflict and challenge, leading programmes such as:

  • The RAF Equality and Diversity Programme
  • European Patent Office Change Facilitation Programme
  • NHS Staff opinion project
  • International Criminal Court Train the Facilitator Programme
  • HR for Non-HR Manager programmes
  • He also provides HR guidance and advice to 3 Blue Chip companies based in London and Wales. 

During his career, Graham has been involved in programmes in both the Public Sector, such as with the MOD, Government and Local Councils and IDEA, in addition to the Private Sector with companies specialising in Financial Services, Food and Catering, Manufacturing and production and Pharmaceuticals.

Kirsty Newnum - Linkedin

Kirsty is a business consultant, coach and trainer with an expertise in marketing. Successful business growth is now hinged on a company's ability to understand the needs and behaviours of its customers, more than ever before. In a noisy marketplace, businesses need to add value if they are to set themselves apart from the competition.

The way in which people interact with brands is changing. Now is the time to keep up and get ahead.

Kirsty provides education in areas such as: Marketing planning and strategy, Social media planning and strategy, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pintrest (Introduction and Pro Level) for business and advertising, Campaign Building, Sales generation and closing, Customer Experience Audits, Effective email marketing, Using video for business and What will be next for social media (for forward thinking businesses).


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