Communication; think before


Whatever form it takes, communication is vital. Whether we're passing on instructions, sharing our feelings or ordering our morning coffee, delivering the information we need, successfully, happens on an almost automatic level.

And that's understandable. These interpersonal skills are developed from the day we're born, though most often on a subconscious level, so we don't even realise it. Because of this ingrained nature, we tend to take them for granted and never really think about how we choose to speak with other people, in both a personal and professional capacity.

With a little time and effort though, we can improve our interpersonal skills. This leads to improved relationships and understanding, which can in turn develop into improvements across many areas of our lives.

The hint I'll give you today, is about communication channels. When we communicate, we do so not just with the specific words we choose, but also with how we say them and with our bodies; what we at RCLA like to call Words, Music and Dance. All 3 work together in tandem to create the communication we finally deliver, but not all channels are created equally; some are more important than others (especially in certain situations).


I'm sure you've heard plenty about the power of body language, but do you ever give it any specific thought when communicating? If someone comes to talk to you at your desk, do you stop what you're doing or keep typing away at your computer? Do you role your eyes in a team meeting, rather than taking every opportunity as a fresh start?

It can be difficult, but honing any craft takes time and effort. For this reason I challenge you, to not just think before you speak, but also to think before you dance; consider the message your body is sending and ask does it align with your words.


If you've got any further questions about communication or body language, just drop me a line.

Until next time.

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