What is E-learning? 
E-learning is typically a self propelled, though still well supported, training medium that focuses on the use of computers or other information technologies to deliver learning. Most e-learning platforms, our own included, cover a variety of topics and provide a range of materials for delegates to interact with, ensuring that learning is still engaging, productive and exciting, even without a trainer there in the room with you. E-learning can be used as a solo venture or to supplement classroom based courses.
The Benefits
 A primary benefit of e-learning is the ability for delegates to control the pace and time of their learning. Something we're hearing more and more from the training world is that delegates want flexability and e-learning provides exactly that. Delegates can learn where they want, when they want, in small chunks or longer sessions, whilst still having the support of our open and in-house programmes. All you need is a computer, laptop or tablet device to access our learning web portal.
E-Learning with Robin Lodge Associates Ltd
Although not an E-learning platform, our online portal has a raft of resources that will ensure your success during your learning journey. Courses include reading material, videos, podcasts, online resources and mini assessments. We are now able to provide an additional resource to our development offering to our clients.
We do not currently offer an e-learning platform - although we appreciate the need at times, and potential benefits to e-learning, our focus is on engagement and the work we do together in the training room. For this reason, Robin Lodge Associates Ltd itself does not offer this option. However, we do work with partners that have intuitive platforms which we can vouch for, so if you're looking for e-learning with our stamp of approval, just get in touch.

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