ILM Accreditation

Why ILM?

Robin Lodge Associates has a long history of working with the ILM in different forms since its inception. Utilising the ILM framework and working in close partnership with verifiers, we have created a wide ranging suite of development and assessment tools that provide a robust, yet flexible development system.

The Institute of Leadership and Management provides a solid framework for many types of management development. All qualifications are now on the European Qualification framework providing transferability across the EU. For further information about the ILM, please visit

How Does It Work?

The ILM is the Qualification framework that Robin Lodge Associates works with, which provides several benefits:

  • all development is unitised, which means that formal certification can be provided for as little as 4 hours development.
  • development can be phased, for instance - attain a unit, then an Award, then a Certificate and finally a Diploma - all at the same level. This provides lots of scope for job enlargement or enrichment, and an easy sense of scalability in terms of exanding delegates training and knowledge.
  • assessment is to a national standard, so you can be assured that participants know how to do what you are asking of them

ILM Qualifications are pitched at different levels as seen below:

Level 2 - primarily geared to operational team leaders and those aspiring to lead in the future. This level provides foundation skills.


Level 3.jpg

Aimed at front line managers, this programme provides the ‘How To' knowledge and skills that are sometimes expected as standard. This is the most versatile level, in that it can provide a superb toolkit for new and experienced managers alike.



Level 5.jpg

Aimed at middle management, and more conceptual in nature with some aspects of ‘How To', the level 5 is designed to help managers think more broadly about their organisation and the impact they have on its performance.



Level 7 - this is aimed at senior managers who wish to bring a more academic or theoretical approach to their work in developing their organisational capability.

How Am I Assessed?

There are various methods that can be used for assessment, however the main method utilised is by written assignment. This may take the form of descriptions (normally at Level 2 or 3), explanations and assessments of ones self and practice (Level 3 and 5), to critical analysis (Level 5 and 7).

Word counts can vary across the units but as a guide at Level 2 and 3 a typical assessment will be about 1500 words, Level 5 approximately 3,500 and Level 7 in excess of 5,000 per unit.

For the lower levels we are able to offer alternative assessment methods such as Short Answer Questions and for those with special requirements we can, by prior arrangement, offer personal interviews.


Contact details

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