Seven Key Indicators

What are they?

The seven key areas have been developed over a 20 year period through the identification of factors that led to engagement both in business and social environments.

In the diagram (right), you can see how the programme develops a sequential and developmental approach to engagement, whilst developing the culture and improving leadership.

At whichever of the 4 levels you run the programme you will see the impact within a matter of day, it is that powerful!  

This simple process not only are you increasing engagement but developing a systemised leadership approach that links automatically into any existing development you are engaged in and provides live data on whether the development is making an impact in the workplace. 

Watch an explanatory video by Shay McConnon, the inventor of An Even Better Place to Work 


The Seven Key Indicators

Feel Valued - team members feel appreciated and appropriately rewarded - people believe in them - they are made to feel special and hence they act special.  Why not watch the short video explanation?

Are Open - team members are receptive to new ideas and engage in genuine two-way communication - can talk freely about a wide range of topics including those delicate and difficult issues. Click here for a short video explanation

Engage in Feedback - team members recognise the importance of regular constructive feedback to improving performance levels. Watch a short video

Are Motivated - team members abilities are recognised and utilised - they have positive feelings about the job and their colleagues and have an intrinsic drive to achieve and support each other. Watch a short video

Manage Differences - team members create collaborative relationships with colleagues and ensure that differences are not allowed to get in the way but are seen as a source of strength. See a short video

Take Ownership - team members take ownership for getting their needs met rather than moan behind backs. They view leadership as a partnership and take joint responsibility with the leader for being led. Click here for a short video explanation

Are Conflict Free - team members engage in proactive feedback and hence dysfunctional conflict is minimised and time is not wasted. Click to see a short video

In essence, An Even Better Place to Work quickly creates a well-led, motivated and highly productive workforce.

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